New Year; New Team

Today marks a special day for me, today is my official first day as a Developer Advocate for Amazon Web Services.

The last 20 months at Amazon I’ve had the great opportunity to spend time working in the Amazon Partner Network helping the many AWS Partners in our container space to grow their reach. I helped launch Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) with a collection of wonderful launch partners. I started getting into speaking at conferences and was found mostly talking at the AWS San Francisco Loft talking about running k8s on AWS. I became CKA and helped write the CKAD exams for the CNCF, I ran multiple webinars and launched the APN Container Competency. All an all the Partner team was a fantastic place to work.

While on the team I had the chance to spend more and more time with the k8s community, and started working on designing and building the AWS Service Operator with the goals of making it easier to deploy AWS services directly from Kubernetes this story was driven home by my time as a developer trying to integrate with AWS Services early in the days of Kubernetes.

I’m incredibly excited for this coming year as a Developer Advocate for the AWS containers team, I’ll be supporting all of our EKS efforts and continue to work on developing and making it even easier to work with AWS services directly from Kubernetes. I look forward to hopefully seeing many of you at conferences, I’ll be publishing a calendar of what events I’ll be at soon!

Thanks! Chris

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